Salam to all Fashionita!

we are Najjah

To all of the fashionistas out there, especially those who are searching for something affordable yet stylish, you have come to the right place. NAJJAH’s designs are main stream but made with all of the hijabis in mind.

Yes we know that it is sometimes hard to find tops that are long enough, not transparent, that covers the ‘aurah’ or in other words
attires specially made for the Muslimah. And yes we know it is also difficult to find clothing that fits the Islamic criteria but are contemporary in its design (as we ourselves face the same predicament all the time too…. both of us have been wearing hijab for almost 16 years).

We also have exclusive designs for a fraction of what a designer’s item would cost you out there in the market (we are bargain hunters too).

And of course…we definitely have hijabs and shawls that are easy, comfortable but fashionable, all designed by both of us.

Lastly, Ahlan Wasahlan and happy shopping 🙂

Boleh kami bantu?
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